About OJD

Orange Jellyfish Dream is a hand dyed yarn studio that is known for its innovative and intensely saturated style. OJD was established by Sarah Roberts in the beginning of 2015. Since then OJD has been on an endless cycle of creating new colorways and knitted designs.  

Sarah began her indie-dyed yarn vision as a way to express and share her love of color.

“I love to dye yarn and expressing myself creatively but another big part to OJD is the flexibility it allows me in caring for my son with autism and his extensive therapy schedule. It’s the perfect fit for me to be involved in all three of my boys lives. OJD has also been an amazing way to raise money for autism and creates awareness at the same time. We’re fortunate enough to be able to provided much needed supplies and support to my son’s school.” – Sarah

The creative expression she displays through OJD extends from the hand dyed yarn to knitting designs that she structures with the busy person in mind, focusing on design elements that can be followed by beginning knitters but also keeps advanced knitters interested. 

OJD always uses professional grade acid dyes and high-quality fibers to create unique colorways with a variety of different application methods. Every skein is hand dyed in small batches, slowly set, rinsed and washed in ‘Tuft Woolens Sock Soap’…with this process Sarah strives to bring to life the perfect skeins of yarn in the boldest of colors.